Sansgrid - Life off the grid

Sansgrid is a provider of solar products and services for the domestic and small business market that are aimed at ultimately allowing our customers to get off the grid (the technology is not there yet..but its a start)

Our product set is narrow and has been designed to solve specific problems for our customers. We have chosen the best products we can find in each segment without going for the over the top products. We dont expect our customers to be experts in electrical engineering so our solutions page describes solutions aimed at small, medium and large installations for homes and small businesses. All our inverters are WIFI enabled and allow you to monitor your installation from your phone.

Our installations team will happily come out to site to help map out what components are required to make your solutions implementable.

Solar Power System For Home: Ultimate Beginners Guide

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    The PV GreenCard has been developed to promote safe and high-quality Solar PV installations. The PV GreenCard Programme focuses on education, skills development, and training to build installer capacity as well as improve standards development and compliance in line with international best practice

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    SESSA is dedicated to the promotion, use and development of renewable energy and energy efficiency

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    SAAEA represents and actively promotes Renewable Alternative Energy Solutions globally. Its focus is on all relevant technologies.